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Thread: Thin, handwinding divers?

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    Thin, handwinding divers?

    My last thread was successful in showing me what was available as handwind+PR, so let's try this again with divers.

    CWard has a 41mm diver that's under 12mm thick with a handwinding movement. The watch is nice, however the CWard branding/logos are a turn off, as is the vintage lume.

    Here's what I'm looking for...

    - at least 100M WR
    - no vintage lume
    - dive bezel
    - handwind movement
    - less than 42mm
    - less than 13mm thick
    - less than 50mm L2L

    Are there any others out there?

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    I'm interested as well. I haven't seen many hand wound divers and I assumed it was dicey unscrewing the crown daily to wind it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
    I'm interested as well. I haven't seen many hand wound divers and I assumed it was dicey unscrewing the crown daily to wind it.

    I've read there can be issues with manual wind + screw down crown. Other than vintage, I hadn't seen any other handwinding divers. I saw the CWard and wondered what else was out there.

    I reached out to Tourby to see if they offered a handwinding option on their Lawless 40 diver. They are not able to offer a manual movement, just the auto. Their Lawless 40 is still on my radar, it's styling and dimensions are attractive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tourby
    manufactured watch case
    40 mm diameter

    11.8 mm height (incl. slightly domed glas)
    47.1 mm lug to lug
    pressure resistant up to 20 ATM pressure (water density according to DIN 8310)

    The only downside is the Tudor-like bezel.

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    Could be worth a look at some of their hand winds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strela167 View Post

    Could be worth a look at some of their hand winds

    Thanks, but I think I scratched my Vostok itch

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well I must have had some think some of my vintage manual divers was just push in crown know that was the case with my cardinal / secura / and others had a fair few new ones hmmm gone towards auto for the divers now a days .. but don't think their that much issues with daily unwinding really mean on my vossie /beast / and others touch wood never had a issue personally

    I will glance back through my pics and see
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    I don't know that those specs translate into too much. Panerai has a host of handwind divers, but most in these specs are autos. If you'll forgive on the size (Since it is a diver and they should be bigger) you could pick up one of these a few years ago BNIB for about $2 K.

    Arnold and Son White Ensign used a modified LJP Handwind that has date and PWR complication. I was told, but can't confirm that the movement design was JLC in origin. If you remember LJP and A&S where bought together from the previous owner by Citizen a few years ago. These had an internal bezel, 600m WR and came in a host of color combos. Size 44.5mm.

    These are very cool but if you want the coolest Handwind diver you need a 47mm Pam 372 with the plexiglass crystal. Simple and stunning. It's a Panerai, so it suppose to look big.

    Only other option is vintage which based on my experience will most likely not meet WR. I think a vintage Yema Submariner was available in HW and would meet your specs. The current model is auto.
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    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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