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    More advertising

    From on of Zenith's recent Facebook posts:

    On Monday April 20th, Zenith was on hand for show day at the Grand Palais in Paris. To mark the occasion, Zenith organised a press conference in its pop-up store. Aldo Magada, President and CEO of Zenith, as well as brand ambassador Felix Baumgartner, took this opportunity to present the new El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Edition.
    Early today, Zenith set off on the Tour Auto Optic 2ooo, serving as official timekeeper and with four competitors flying its colours. Destination Biarritz!

    What is cool are these two pictures I took from their post:

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    That looks rather cool to participate in.

    Then this one:

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    I bring this up as many years ago, we were looked upon kindly by JLC and invited to an event held at someone's (rather posh) house. It was to bring together the brand with a new model of an Aston Martin, I believe. Well sure enough, tucked downstairs near the car was the watchmaker.

    I guess it shows how appreciation of fine machines, whether they be a car or a watch, go together. Many a good conversation were had.

    And yes, the hors d'oeuvre were fantastic!


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    Man, really nice. Bet that was one heck of a party.
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