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Thread: FS Benarus Moray 44 stealth

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    FS Benarus Moray 44 stealth

    Haven't been around much. Looking to sell some stuff off and potentially get a MKII stingray. So here it goes. Asking $550 USD to your door conus. Add approx $30 for international shipping. PayPal is preferred. I've had this for almost a year now. It is NOT mint. The guy I had bought it from wore the PVD off the clasp pretty significantly. If you are looking for a mint specimen this is NOT it. There are several spots on the bezel where the PVD has been scratched, the bracelet has wear as well. The case itself is pretty good with the exception of the bottom of lugs from strap changes. There are three extra links but missing 2 screws so only one link to add. I'm waiting on stevral to get back to me with whether or not he has anything that will work. The miyota 9015 is keeping good time. Comes with bracelet, Benarus OD cuda strap, and clover custom leather strap. Will ship in the original 2 watch leather box with warranty card.
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    "I just look like a suspect"
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    Here are a few shots where I tried to capture the blemishes
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    "I just look like a suspect"

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    Price drop to $550, something came up, need to move it.

    "I just look like a suspect"

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    Watch has been traded!

    "I just look like a suspect"

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