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Thread: Dial Colors

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    Dial Colors

    What other dial colors have you owned besides black, white/silver, and blue dials? Let's see them.

    Red dial

    Name:  Screenshot_20190524-142547_Photobucket.jpg
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    Charcoal grey dial

    Name:  Screenshot_20190524-142501_Photobucket.jpg
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    Cream dial

    Name:  Screenshot_20190524-142822_Photobucket.jpg
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    Brown dial

    Name:  20190404_144013.jpg
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    I wouldn't mind something in a salmon, or green dial.


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    Including digitalia -

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    All a long time ago. These days I only really like black and white.

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    lets see what new one's I can add since the last one of these threads I posted on
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    OK so reading the OP - omitting black, blue white and silver, but going back to things I have owned, and some I still own...

    is gold linen a color?

    Name:  SekondaRugfull2.jpg
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    Russian ruby

    Name:  P1010018.jpg
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    Bright red

    Name:  Seashark1.jpg
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    Gold and tan

    Name:  BernOff2WrSm.jpg
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    Star chart

    Name:  2PM1-7-11-11full.jpg
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    Brown gradient

    Name:  HamElTwo1.jpg
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    And more brown gradient

    More brown

    Name:  ChiragWr2.jpg
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    Yellow in day, luminous at night

    Name:  P1010023.jpg
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    More gold

    Name:  P1010024.jpg
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    Or maybe it's copper?

    Ruthenium gray-purple

    Totally blurple

    Titanium Grey - hard to photograph

    Oops, more gray

    Oh, and green

    Does meteorite count?

    I give up...
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    Some great watches here. Currently I only have three watches that fit:
    Cheers, Sedi

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