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The word of the day is opisometer also called a curvimeter, meilograph, or map measurer, which is an instrument for measuring the lengths of arbitrary curved lines.

Today I'm offering FOUR nice post-war Hamilton Model 33 and Model 331 Map Measures in their original boxes. Produced from 1941 to 1957 in Lancaster, PA, Model 33 and 331 Map Measure tools issued from Hamilton's Allied Products Division. Initially for military use during WWII, they were later offered commercially; many were offered by various retailers including noted instrument suppliers Keuffel & Esser and Dietzgen. Just over 131k were produced; 60,842 of the Model 33 (swivel handle), 70,270 of Model 331 (fixed handle). They are perfect for tracing the map of your Olympic biathlon route or running along those peaks and valleys in your quarterly 401k statements. Also, with their original boxes, they make great display pieces for the collector of vintage Hamilton watches or militaria or the owner of a modern hammy.

The devices themselves are in very good condition, as the photos show, and the mechanisms function smoothly. Some accumulated bezel grime shown in the photos of the K&E piece has been carefully removed. Condition of the boxes are as shown in the photos--with damage ranging from minor age-related defects (eg, separation of seams) to personal markings and mild label discoloration to outright loss of label, panels or heavy taping. On all, the instructions are adhered to the bottom, as was common practice.

Asking prices below include US shipping (international shipping is negotiable). Paypal is preferred. Please feel free to e-mail me with questions or offers. I buy these as they come my way, keep some, and try to pass them along to collectors of watches or vintage drafting tools, If you're seeking a specific type, let me know.
Thanks for your time,

#1) Hamilton label - $60:

#2) K&E label - $50:

#3) No label, Model 331 - $20:

#4) Dietzgen Label - $20: