It's Memorial Day Weekend here in the United States, which marks the unofficial start of summer, but also and much more importantly a time to reflect on those who paid the ultimate price in the line of duty. On this day, we couldn't think of a better story to rewind than Talking Watches with veteran Navy Seal Moki Martin, whose poignant re-telling of a since declassified mission in which some of his comrades passed made it one of our most-watched Talking Watches, and certainly placed it among the most emotional.*
Though this was one of our most widely viewed and best received Talking Watches installments, we hope you'll agree that a great story just gets better the more times you hear it. Moki's remarkable tale is one that cuts to the heart of how intimately watches can connect us with life's most pivotal moments, and we hope you'll agree, on this day of remembrance, that it's a story worth remembering once more.
Check out Moki's one-on-one with HODINKEE's James Stacey, right here.*