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Thread: Japanese double whammy (Orient/Seiko)

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    Japanese double whammy (Orient/Seiko)

    I had 2 parcels to pick up from the post office today. 1 from Seiya in Tokyo, 1 from Samanator in Florida, but Japanese in origin.
    The first a SARB035, a watch that has been on my list since my early days as a WIS; the second an Orient M-Force diver, the tremendously generous prize in Samanator's 1000th post giveaway.

    I'm not going to write at length about either watch, as both have been reviewed by people more eloquent and informed than me (you can find Samanator's excellent review of the Orient here:, but will give a few impressions.

    Orient M-Force Air Diver
    This is an incredibly solid feeling piece with a really nicely designed case that reminds me a little of the Seiko Sumo. The power reserve indicator is a first for me, but I already really like it, just as I do the chunky, outlined indices. This is a big watch, very nearly too big for me but made wearable (like the Sumo) by the short, curved lugs, it's heavy too, but hugs the wrist in a really reassuring way.
    Everything about the watch screams functionality - from the lovely fat crown to the super legible face to the frankly excellent bezel - it's a tool, pure and simple.

    (love the Orient logo on the crown!)

    Seiko SARB035
    Against the asymmetrical, tool watch funkiness of the Orient, the Seiko couldn't seem plainer, but that's always been the appeal of it for me. Refined, simple and unflashily elegant. The dial is a flat off white that somehow manages to be slightly mesmerising despite the lack of texture. Like the Orient, the case has lovely lines to it and the whole package feels solid. It's the kind of low profile watch you feel you could wear anywhere, solid enough you don't need to worry about it and just as appropriate for jeans as it is a suit. Simple perfection.

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    Beautiful watches and pics, congratulations!

    "Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of travelling." Margaret Lee Runbeck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackNomad View Post
    Beautiful watches and pics, congratulations!
    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackNomad View Post
    Beautiful watches and pics, congratulations!
    Pretty much this!
    Follow IWL on instagram!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackNomad View Post
    Beautiful watches and pics, congratulations!
    Quote Originally Posted by geoffbot View Post
    Pretty much this!
    I agree with that ^^^^^^^

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    Congrats! Now you are covered for a sporty and dressier pieces when ever needed.

    The Orient diver is definitely a looker. Saw it in person and was really attracted to it.

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    Sweet Watches.. i happy for you Olly hehehe... BIG Congrats!!

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    watches and images are terrific ! but you have such small feet

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    Nice watches! I love the hands and especially the second hand on the SARB.

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    Very nice. Wear both in good health.


    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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