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Thread: I was outside for maybe 2 minutes and ....

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    I was outside for maybe 2 minutes and ....

    wham ...

    2019-05-25_11-51-07 by Chuck Miller, on Flickr

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    You’re positively glowing!

    That’s the one thing about vintage lume (like on my SM300) that I don’t love. It glows fine, but it’s not as good at picking up light. A quick walk outside in the sunlight will do it, but in overcast, it’s not nearly as concentrated, whereas my Submariner will blaze even on cloudy days.
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    Your title had a sense of foreboding to it and then when I scrolled down and saw 'Wham!' I was expecting the worst.

    Thought maybe it lost a pin and kissed the concrete or you introduced the dial to a gate clasp or something.
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