I now come to one of my fav fixer uppers the SQ and SQ 100 range of mid 70's quartz watches now this ones a strange one movement can vary depend on witch model you have and they seem to have a tendency to die a lot , I have bought some in great outward condition only never to work and others beat up and scratched that are going strong. so hard to match up some times but have built sometimes one decent one out of several ones the movement are strange have heard story's of how working fine but after battery changes they will not work or once removed from the case and then put back in ..

they are not that expensive or rare but to get one in nice condition and with original bracelet is a fun challenge I try from time to time, am working on one now a 8123a, that out wards perfect but wont go and can't see why the coil looks in good shape no obviously damage the contacts look clean tried two new battery's so at a bit of a loss to see why it ant running I can partially strip the top plate of but can't see the point as on certain movements i hear that if when pulling the crown if not in the right position can cause a problem when replacing,

but on the 8123 you can only get to the pusher for the crown release when you pull the stem to time setting mode so you can only do it one way so can't see it being that ..

but that said it still a cheap iconic watch from Seiko like the lord/king/grand quartz's Seiko does and still a keeper I have several some working and some in my bits boxes so one to look out for special if looking for an entry to the more for the score comp

As always ismy

one thought I would maybe avoid any with the 8123 thou as seems to be a problematic movement from what I have seen or read

on a slight different note just happen to read a comment on a forum that stated when ever changes a quartz battery always pull the crown to setting position before starting I wonder if thats true or not ..