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Thread: Hamilton Khaki King strap poll

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    Hamilton Khaki King strap poll

    Post suggestions if you got.
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    I see your shenanigans rodia77's Avatar
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    1, 3 and 6 cut it for me, 8 could pass if you're desperate to dress it up.
    I'm sorted and so not buying any more watches.

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    None of those appeal to me imo. Some of the strap colors do align well with the watch, but the stitching or the the patterns make them incompatible.

    Here's two designs I like that I think will go well with your watch:

    Natural chromexcel leather:

    Waxed canvas:

    Black waxed

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    1 or 3. I’m conservative with straps.

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    i know what i would put if i HAD that lovely watch...

    what is the original strap that came with that watch? no 1 quite suit the watch..
    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    Quote Originally Posted by iyonk View Post
    i know what i would put if i HAD that lovely watch...

    what is the original strap that came with that watch? no 1 quite suit the watch..
    #3 is original, #1 is Hirsch Mariner 100m WR leather strap and one of my favourites AND I can even use the the Hamilton buckle with it.
    I'm open to suggestions so please suggest what kind of strap you would buy.

    I have four watches more that all have the same 20mm lug width so my strap selection is decent and I'm planning to expand it.
    I've got Hirsch Mariner golden brown in my mind, and maybe another Eulit two piece perlon like #9 but maybe in blue or navy colour.
    I didn't even try real alligator or real croc straps as I have more dressy watches that suit better for those straps.

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    sometime a simple/minimal stitch style strap in tan would look good on a watch like that..

    you could after a look like this for example..

    (web image fro twostitchstraps)
    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    some light dial leather combos..
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    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    I must agree with iyonk, that any iyonk-strap would look lovely!

    I think with the "champagne" color dial, that the brown colors work best. I like how a darker burgundy-brown or "oxblood" makes a deep contrast, but lighter flat brown also looks great on that watch. From your choices, 3,4 &6 are my favorites. Actually I really like 4, even if it seems a bit dressier.
    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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