At its core, HODINKEE is about the stories that watches bring into the world, and there's nothing quite like cracking open a book that tactile experience of absorbing information and turning the page that connects us to the watches we love. Today, we're adding three titles to the HODINKEE Shop that bring iconic watches, like Richard Mille's pieces and the often misunderstood Omega Flightmaster, to life. And one title goes beyond the watches themselves and explores the lives of the people who created them. Read on to learn more about these unique and in-depth books that are the perfect way to expand your horological library.
To collectors, a watch's legacy goes so far beyond the materials it's made from or the technical innovations it adds to the conversation. Ultimately, watches are made and used by people. And when humans are involved, it means there's a backstory. Alexai Leonov, the first ever cosmonaut to conduct an EVA (otherwise known as a spacewalk), wore a Flightmaster during training for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. This initiative led to the first ever docking in space by two spacecraft from two separate countries *and they were the USSR and the United States, during the Cold War, no less.
It's anecdotes like these that bring the watches we love to life. Flightmaster Only is not only about the watch and the technical feats it accomplished, but also about the people who fought for the watch to actually go into production and the people who then used the watch the way it was intended.
Richard Mille allows us to see details of these iconoclastic watches in ways and places we wouldn't have thought to look before. The macro photography is stunning, and reading the book is a visual journey through Richard Mille's most successful models. To round it off, there's even exclusive poetry and a play in the book that looks at the watches' horological power in a different light less technical and more artistic. It's an experience best enjoyed in a physical book.
In Watchmakers: The Masters of Art Horology, we learn about the early lives of thirteen of the world's greatest watchmakers. How did Roger Smith get into watches? What was Romain Gauthier doing before he invented the Logical One? What led Vianney Halter to imagine the Deep Space Tourbillon? Settle in with a cup of coffee and enjoy these stories as they jump off the pages, building a world of lore around the watches and people you've been reading about on HODINKEE for years.
*These titles we're adding to the Shop are each an experience in their own right shop these and the rest of the Library collection here.