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Thread: What's the Ref?

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    What's the Ref?

    A guy I was talking to yesterday was wearing one of these, made, he said, in 1979, though not bought by him until 1983.

    Please could someone tell me what Ref it is so I can read up on it before the next time I see him? Thanks

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    Ref. 1040, I think. These were initially produced earlier than '79. I've seen pics of a '74 model.


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    Actually I was hoping to be spoonfed the model reference number But being told it's a Cal 1040 made it a pretty easy search for the Ref: 176.007

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    When I was initially searching I kept getting confused by pictures of what I now know is a 176.005 which has an almost identical dial but, as this picture shows, a much chunkier case

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    Nice detective work.
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    En passant I discovered that they are *not* the "Jedi" Chrono, which is a totally different looking Seamaster, and a manual to boot:

    Ref 145.024

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