When it comes to hunting down vintage watches on eBay, it can be a gold mine, but it can also be a minefield. Our very own Christoph McNeill (you all might know him as Instagramís @VintageDiver) wrote a must-read, common sense guide to buying vintage watches on eBay (check out Part 1 and Part 2). So if youíre looking for a vintage watch, but are still a little nervous diving head-first into those murky waters, then donít worry ó weíre here to help! *Today, we have another installment of eBay Finds, our series where we highlight some great vintage gems looking for a new home. Happy hunting!

Longines Ultra Chron

The Ultra Chron line was a series of mostly dressier watches from Longines that featured high-end, hi-beat movements. These were fantastic calibers and quite advanced for the time, so unsurprisingly the Ultra Chron models are quite sought after today. The model for sale here is one of the best looking ones Longines made, in my opnion, and this is probably the finest example Iíve personally ever seen. It has a sharp unpolished case, a signed crown, and even the original buckle. The silver cross-hair dial is gorgeous with those bold, faceted steel markers, and it looks to be original and in excellent condition. This is a great buy if the styling speaks to you.
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’68 Omega Seamaster

Omega has a great vintage catalog, but in a landscape dominated by Ď50s dress Seamasters, vintage Speedies and divers, some of the later, less hyped-up models can get overlooked. This circa 1968 gold-capped model is the perfect example. It has a great chunky case with awesome looking lugs. The speckled texture dial is beautiful, and the hands ó with their two-part black/lume inserts ó complete the look. The case looks to be in unpolished condition, the crown is original, and I think I even see a tiny Omega logo in the crystal in the pictures, which means this is, at the very least, an OEM crystal. The leather strap even has what appears to be the original signed buckle.*
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Rado Green Horse

Hereís a great little piece for the ladies. Vintage Rado may be mostly known for their funky, cushion shaped watches and perhaps now the Captain Cook, but they actually made a whole bunch of other interesting models that donít quite get the same attention. This womenís Green Horse has a really distinct look with its dagger-shaped steel markers. The watch comes complete with a signed crown, the original crystal, and even the original bracelet with signed clasp.
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’60s Waltham Diver

Waltham may not be the first to come to mind when you think about dive watches, but this vintage diver has lots of great ’60s style and definitely worthy of your attention. I especially like the chunky cushion case (yup, unpolished), with its nice aluminum bezel and signed crown. The black dial looks vaguely reminiscent of vintage Squale dials, which is a great look. The sellers states that it runs a tad fast, so keep in mind that a service may be in order.
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