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Thread: Zodiac SSW Silver Topper Edition

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    Zodiac SSW Silver Topper Edition

    I have been interested in this watch since it was released. I love the vintage style and orange/silver color scheme, especially with the jubilee bracelet. I didn't think I'd ever get to see one in the flesh, nevermind own one.

    This is watch number 15 of 20. It was owned by a guy in Texas who originally listed it FS on WUS trying to make quite a profit over the initial release price. He kept dropping the price until it reached just a few hundred dollars higher than the original price, then he withdrew the sale. He brought the watch back on the market last week and I sent him a reasonable offer; he accepted, and here it is.

    A few specs; 40mm diameter, 48mm L2L and 13mm thick. The movement is a COSC certified STP 3-13-3 with 44hrs PR and the addition of a swan neck regulator. The case is a mix of brushed and polished stainless steel, the crystal is sapphire, and the bezel is mineral glass, selected to mimic the look of the originals with bakelite bezels. 120 click bezel, 200M water resistance, and a killer jubilee bracelet with a spring loaded clasp top off the package.

    Typical inner/outer boxes with the Zodiac logo...

    When I opened the box, my wife said, "Wow, that's gorgeous.". It is.

    In the flesh it pops. The mix of polished and brushed surfaces, as well as the shine from the bezel, make the watch stand out without being too flashy. The dial is an attractive silver sunburst with an applied, polished Zodiac logo, as well as applied indices.

    The watch itself is compact, a short lug to lug, modest thickness, and tapered bracelet make for an easy fit. On my tiny wrists, it's perfect.

    The bracelet was easy to size, even though I hate pins+collars. There's a nice taper, which reduces the bulk of the bracelet and matches it nicely to the svelte case. The clasp is spring loaded on either side, hopefully that works as well as a good micro adjust.

    There's a fabric strap included, I'm sure that will get some use over the summer, too.

    I'll post more impressions and pics as I get to wear it, just wanted to share my enthusiasm for an uncommon watch.

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    These are really nice looking watches, at a perfect size. Great catch!
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    Well done - your restraint and patience paid off!

    That’s a striking but unflashy watch, as you say.

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    Congrats. Great looking vivid colors really pop against the stainless steel.

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    Wow, that is a bold, unapologetically retro cool piece! It feels both funky and summery at the same time. Congratulations, it's a beauty!
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    Very cool piece. Congratulations!

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    That's a fun watch with lots of joie de vivre (as the French use to say)

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    These really are great watches, IMHO the best sports-dive watch at this price point by some margin, with near-perfect dimensions, and a fun aesthetic. Your admirable patience was rewarded. If we were all a bit more patient then this kind of behaviour by the vendor wouldn't be as prevalent.

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    Glad to hear your happy with it. I was impressed with mine when it arrived. I donít wear it as much as I should. I really is a cool piece.

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    Congrats! Definitely a cool piece especially for Summer time.

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