Odell Beckham Jr. isnít a subtle guy. On the field and off, he makes his presence known. After an illustrious run with the New York Giants, OBJ was traded to the Cleveland Browns at the end of last season. His father was a high school star running back and played ball at LSU in the early nineties, and OBJ filled his fatherís shoes in a big way, smashing records in the NFL during his rookie year. You might know him from the catch or as the guy in Nicki Minajís Bed music video, or the guy that donated half a million dollars to his home state when there was catastrophic flooding. Monday was his first public appearance with the Browns during training Ė and he didn't leave his watch in the locker room.*
A guy like OBJ needs a watch that can stand up to his larger than life personality, but apparently it has to stand up to the rigors of being a star receiver in the NFL, too. He was spotted at training camp wearing a Richard Mille RM 11-03 McLaren on the field. Thatís a whole lot of knocks, bumps, and crystal-shattering smashes that this $191,500 mechanical marvel has to endure. But with this model being such a serendipitous match for the Cleveland Browns' distinctive orange hue, we get it. Plus, it's OBJ, and he can pull it off too.
Photos: Courtesy Cleveland.com