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Thread: How many songs on your iPod?

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    How many songs on your iPod?

    As of today I have 4262 songs on my iPod. How about you?

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    I honestly don't know what the total number of tunes is. My 'iTunes' library is about 37 continuous days of music according to the tally. I also have a network drive just for media that contains just under 4tb of music, movies, and pictures. Movies will certainly have the biggest chunk of that volume, but there is a ton of music on it.

    Embarrassingly enough, I really don't properly catalogue any of my stuff. I just dump it all into the abyss.
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    No ipod, but 4224 on my laptop - as a result, I rarely listen to the radio anymore.

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    I don't use my iPod anymore, but my music library has 13,029 songs in it. I generally use Spotify for everything nowadays though, even music I have, as it means the artist gets a bit more cash. My music library is all uploaded to Google Music so I can access it anywhere and I use that for things that aren't on Spotify

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    I just crossed the 1k barrier and thought that was alot.

    I have been humbled........
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    I'll plug mine in tonight and see how many I have. I bet it's a fair few.

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    1,587 love my I-Pod
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    My ipod crashed a few years ago and I never set it back up. Now with Spotify I stream all my music. I just wish they had Tool.

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