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Thread: <<< WRUW Sunday 9 June 2019 >>>

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    <<< WRUW Sunday 9 June 2019 >>>

    Black Lobster

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    Simple 5 for me this morning, something beaterish in a while for gardening. Hopefully that will help cure the hangover!

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    Happy Sunday everybody...
    not new picture.. but ever since i put the 18mm Eulit on the F91w -- i've been wearing it quite a lot... a poorman timepiece that suits me quite well..
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    Most of the household chores done for today, so decided to hop on my bike a head downtown for some lazy Sunday hanging around.

    First stop at a terrace by the main library, getting some antidote for dehydration. Then to art museum, havenít yet seen the current temporary exhibition.

    My summer Seiko, blue lagoon Turtle, on wrist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasio View Post


    Looks like a very pleasant way to spend some time.

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    This angle the dial looks blue

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    Light rain today. Decided to put on this G and overseed the grass in my yard. Found a partial bag of grass seed in the garage I didnt remember having. It's a couple years old but maybe some of it will take root.

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    Finally back home. Things are a bit better but still will require the worrying parents always do...only more so.

    Opportunity to get back to the new arrival now.

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    Happy Sunday everyone! (and welcome home, mlcor!)

    Zelos Visionary spacerock today

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Finally get to fish! Happy Sunday IWL

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