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Thread: The CD-1's are coming!

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    The CD-1's are coming!

    Aegir is starting final assembly of their initial CD-1 diver models in the next week and they will be shipping very soon. Todd took a quick photo of his for us to show a Q&D look at what the final product looks like. IMO they look fantastic...enough for me to order my second Aegir in 2 weeks!! I have seen the white, black and grey dials in person and they are all great. The white is crisp and the brushed grey shifts tone in different light from almost black to light grey...awesome!!!

    Below are screen shots from their site with info (in AUD, so it'll be less in USD) and a quick shot from Todd. (They come on an IsoFrane)

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    Here is their website if you want more info:

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    Here some shots of my two current Aegir CD-2 models. The build quality is great!

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    I don't know much about Aegir. I'll have to pay more attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobotAZ View Post
    I don't know much about Aegir. I'll have to pay more attention.
    Todd from Aegir is a commercial diver and makes serious tool watches. Not your average catalog watch, that's for sure! I love the dial texture on this one:

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    Yeah, actually the dial texture on that watch is what got my attention. That and the common color tones among the case and dial.

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    Specifications on the watch:


    German made 316L Stainless Steel. Brushed finish
    Helium relief valve
    7mm screw down, signed crown.

    Soprod A10, Swiss made automatic, 25 Jewels.

    Applique hour makers, filled with Superluminova BGW-9C1

    42mm diameter, (Not including the Crown)
    51mm lug to lug length,
    24mm between the lugs (24mm strap width)
    13mm in height.

    Sapphire, domed, anti scratch with anti reflective coating inside.

    Stainless Steel, fixed , Kolsterised to 1000 to 1200 HV0.05

    Water Resistance
    Rated for 701 meters

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    I don't normally like Grey dials...but man, the grey dial on this particular model is singing to me!

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    Yeah, that is what pulled me into my purchase. It goes so nicely with the case finish!

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    I love it! I like the smooth bezel a lot!

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