What’s most interesting about the Divers Sixty-Five line is that it's easy to understand a thing or two about the Oris ethos simply by looking at the watch. It's got a certain sort of "chill" that speaks volumes without ever having to rely on marketing materials to tell you what it's all about. The Divers Sixty-Five watches are well built. They're simple. They recall the era when dive watches were unequivocally cool, but they don’t lean into the "tool" aspect too much. They're comfortable. They're capable. They're water resistant to 100 meters, but the case isn't thick like a hockey puck – it's just a well-balanced watch all around.*
And today we're adding four new models to the HODINKEE Shop. The Divers Sixty-Five in 40mm with a blue dial, a subtle two-tone model, and the ultimate execution, a diving chronograph.
The 40mm Divers Sixty-Five is designed to hit that sizing sweet spot that's perfect for a dive watch. It comes on a bracelet or a strap, and features a blue dial that's dark enough to work with just about anything. If you've been toying with purchasing a watch to enjoy this summer, this is a prime candidate. It also serves as a fantastic entry point into horology if you're just starting your collection.*
Next up is a toned-down two-tone luxe take on the Divers Sixty-Five with a bronze bezel. This isn't your standard '80s two-tone though, this is done the Oris way, and that means it's a sort of casual cool two-tone that isn't in your face at all. Only the outer rim of the bezel is visible in bronze, and it adds just a little pop of something different. The green dial is similar to the blue in that it's a deep, muted tone that has an air of neutrality about it. That is to say, you can wear it with anything, while doing anything.*
Lastly, there's the Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph. Part of the beauty of the Divers Sixty-Five line is its absolute simplicity, but Oris has done a great job of integrating the sub-registers so they blend right into the dial. This watch not only features a chronograph complication, it also incorporates the aforementioned bronze bezel and complementary rose-gold dial details for a little something extra.
It's the perfect time of year to strap any one of these Oris Divers Sixty-Five watches on and light up the BBQ, hit the beach, or just unwind in the summertime. Shop the full Oris collection in the HODINKEE Shop right here.