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Thread: Thanks so much Sherry!

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    Thanks so much Sherry!

    Well I checked the tracking at work this morning and knew the package had arrived! Long day of anticipation followed and I got home ~ 4pm

    Knew it was from Sherry right away

    I had another delivery from Creation so my Daughter and I shared the opening.

    Lovely card inside and Layla sighed a huge awwwww when she seen the kittens

    Now the watches! No offence to Sherry but her photos really didn't do the Citizen justice..I was genuinely stunned! fantastic watch!

    Suzy was very intrigued too

    Layla tried to claim it but I've promised it to the monster in law

    Then the wonderful Bulova! I'll cherish this one!

    Sherry this has been a fantastic occasion for me and my family, totally indebted to you and we're very touched by your generosity!

    Layla sends a big hug! Thank you so much!!!

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    I've got to say, I dig the cat card too.

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    Beautiful unboxing and photos, Pepperami. Enjoy your great gifts from a great IWL member.


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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    see sherry it was so worth you doing the giveaway you have made a lot of people very happy and that includes a friend of mine so as I said quality people both winners and those giving away so glad pep's happy and that's thanks to you

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    Glad you're happy with your watches, Mark. That Citizen is really difficult to photograph well, but it really is a lovely watch. Hope your MIL will like it. I don't have the settting instructions for the Bulova and just didn't have time to type them out, so please PM me and I'll walk you through setting the time, date, dual time, etc.

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    The cat card is what really puts it over the top! I've already put my card with my watch stuff. It's fun to see those watches working their way around the world.

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    Superb! Two great watches, a fantastic gesture and a great thread

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    Very generous gesture. Love the digital Bulova.
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    Congrats with your new watch peperami (and you in-lw)! This is so amazing! Thanks, popoki nui for such a generous gesture!

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    Sherry, this is very cool what you did and the classy why you did it. Very appreciative of the great members we have around here.
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    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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