It's summer, and with the heat comes dreams of beaches, pools, cool rivers, and maybe even that dive certification you keep pushing off until next year. In the spirit of the best season in which to rock a dive watch, here is a look back (almost five years!) at a piece Jack wrote about what is arguably the go-to entry level mechanical dive watch in existence *the Seiko SKX007.
Known for its longstanding position as many an enthusiast's first real dive watch, the SKX007 was launched in 1996 and produced until quite recently (there are rumors that Seiko has discontinued the SKX007). *The watch I've owned the longest is an SKX007 and I still remember getting it in the mail, a sibling for my then well-loved SKX778. Simple, bright, fun, and entirely classic, the SKX007 is a highlight in Seiko's history and one that beautifully illustrates and lasting casual appeal of a well made and accessible dive watch.*
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