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Thread: Look at what's on your wrist *right now*....

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    Look at what's on your wrist *right now*....

    ....and tell us: what's the thing that - at this one random moment - especially struck you about it?

    For me, it was the golden light from small lamp by my sofa reflected in the silver dial
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    The way that the hands blend into the dial and leave just the lume markers to show the time as if they were floating.
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    For me I'd say the hole eaten in my skin from muriatic acid... Should have worn gloves I guess
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    Sinn 556A. I wanted a no-nonsense watch with "stark" and German being the key descriptors. It provides that in spades, but unless I can tweak it in three or four different ways it can't stay:

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    The French vanilla ice cream look of the lume (that was undoubtedly earned by time, not by fake "vintage" lume).

    I'm wearing my MM300 today.

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    That this humble old Tudor is 65 years old, and apart from movement servicing, new seals and a new crystal (and a not-great redial job), it's all original inside and going strong. And it was my dad's watch, and I remember him when I wear it.

    And I just like its simplicity.

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    I can focus on it - Because I have my 'readers' on
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    It's not even 8:00am here yet. I'm still deciding......

    *Oooh* I know....Seiko for today I think.

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    That the hands on a Max Bill are so striking, considering that there's so little of them.

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    Look at what's on your wrist *right now*....

    The simplicity and ruggedness of my Invicta Sub homage.

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