Phillips announced this morning that it will hold a thematic sale to coincide with its November Geneva Watch Auction: Ten. This time around, the theme will be double-signed dials, which feature the name of a retailer in addition to that of the watch manufacturer. In the worlds of Patek Philippe and Rolex in particular, double-signed dials can make a world of difference to a watch's collectibility and value. A Tiffany stamp, the Gübelin name, the Serpico y Laino signature, or the Cartier imprimatur can turn something already special into something truly rare and sought after.
The thematic auction and the watch world are certainly not strangers, and examples of tightly focused auction catalogs can be found going back at least to Antiquorum's Omegamania sale in 2007. But Phillips has taken the concept and run with it in a way not seen before in the watch auction space. Just in the last couple of years, we have seen Phillips host Heuer Parade, Daytona Ultimatum, Winning Icons, and Styled auctions, each with a focus – some tighter than others – on particular subsets of collectible watches. And let's not forget the Daytona anniversary auction that Phillips watch boss Aurel Bacs held at Christie's back in 2013, arguably kicking this whole trend off.
We'll have to wait and see the full roster of signatures that will grace the watch dials of the upcoming Double Signed sale, but safe money would be on the usual suspects and probably a few rarely seen names as well.
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