Here we are again, folks! Another Wednesday and another fantastic crop of vintage watches for your buying pleasure. This batch is a great mix of elegance and sport, with some big name brands and a couple of lesser-known sleepers. Read on to see what we’ve got this week!
1960s Patek Philippe Reference 3509

Nothing says elegant and sophisticated quite like a time-only Patek Philippe. This example is on the smaller side but thanks to its open, impeccably designed dial and wide bezel, the watch wears bigger than its 33mm diameter suggests. Going back to the dial: it’s a beautiful light dove-grey with bold black Roman numerals. The icing on the cake here is that this watch is made of stainless steel and has an unusual screw-down caseback, so it’s quietly more rugged than it looks.
1960s Eterna Eterna-matic Super-KonTiki

The full name of this watch is a mouthful but the story behind the name is definitely worth the time it takes to say it out loud. KonTiki is the name of the ancient Incan sun god, which would be a cool, if seemingly arbitrary, name for a dive watch by a Swiss watch brand. Luckily there’s more to the story: Eterna watches were worn during a voyage made on a balsa wood raft named KonTiki from the pacific coast of Peru to Polynesia in an attempt to prove that the Polynesian people originally migrated from South America as opposed to Asia. The watches survived and Eterna created the first KonTiki model in 1958 to commemorate the voyage and the watches. The watch we have here would be great without the story, though, thanks to the interesting bezel (used to help determine maximum time underwater based on depth), the funky dial markings, and the great font used to spell out “Super-KonTiki” at 6-o’clock.
1972 Rolex 'Thunderbird' Reference 1625 In Yellow Gold

The Rolex Thunderbird is an undeniably cool watch. You get the classic form and function of a Datejust with the addition of an interesting engine-turned bezel that sets it apart from every other Datejust out there. It also never hurts to be named after the United States Air Force’s supersonic aerobatics team! The solid 18k gold version on a solid 18k gold Jubilee bracelet here won’t let you forget it’s on your wrist, and the super contrasty black dial will make it hard to look away from.
The Full Set

To round out this week’s selection, we’ve also got an “All Black” Breitling AVI ref. 765, a funky dive chronograph from Tissot, and a Tudor Date + Day ref. 7020/0 with a college football connection. All of these watches are available now in the HODINKEE Shop.*