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Thread: Hodinkee - Sunday Rewind: Looking Back At The Insanely Cool Patek Philippe Ref. 1518

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    Hodinkee - Sunday Rewind: Looking Back At The Insanely Cool Patek Philippe Ref. 1518

    Do you want to know why the Patek Philippe 1518 in steel is one of the most collectible and desirable watches in existence? Jump into this exhaustive report Ben published back in 2016 to learn the full story behind this exceedingly rare perpetual calendar chronograph from Patek. All of this was put together on the eve of the watch coming up for auction at Phillips in Geneva, where it would go on to fetch over $11,000,000. At the time, this made it the most expensive wristwatch in the world (though a certain special Daytona would take the crown less than a year later).
    From the history of the model to a breakdown of the examples known to the market, this post is packed full of detail, including photos, images, and even some video interviews with the world's foremost experts on this rare and intriguing reference. Prime Sunday reading material, the story behind the steel 1518s is not one to be missed.*
    Click here to read the full original story and to see all the videos.


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    Looks awful on that beads of rice bracelet

    I think it might be the huge gap at the lugs thatís spoiling it.

    Needs leather for gawds sake
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