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When I first seriously got into the watch world about seven years ago, there were a few names that I kept hearing over and over again. They were the living legends, the guys you had to know if you were going to get anywhere or actually learn anything. Luckily, I got to know a lot of them pretty early on, and today weve got a great show for you that includes two of them.*
First up is our guest, Mr. William Massena, who you might remember from his episode of Talking Watches back in 2015. You also might know him from his days at Timezone or Antiquorum or Bonhams, or maybe from his spot on the jury of the Grand Prix dHorlogerie de Geneva. Hes been deeply entrenched in the watch community for decades and hes someone that Ive long known and admired. Whether were talking about watches, tailoring, French poetry, or some new restaurant, I know Im going to come out of the conversation better for having had it.
Then weve got our own editor-in-chief, Jack Forster. Hes right up there with William in terms of legend status, and when we decided to have William on the show it was a no-brainer that Jack co-host. Between the two of these guys weve got about as much horological knowledge and insight as anyone could ask for, and as youll see in this episode, I just want to get as much of it out of them as possible.*
We hope you enjoy Episode 47 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.
Wrist Check

I honestly can't remember having ever seen one of these unusual watches in the metal before. What you're looking at is an Audemars Piguet Tradition Perpetual Calendar from nearly 20 years ago. This is a strange hybrid of sorts, using a pocket watch movement in a wristwatch case that's styled after vintage square/cushion pocketwatch cases from the AP archive. Because of the movement dimensions, the platinum case is 47mm across but just 8.5mm thick, giving it a really unique presence on the wrist. While these were not particularly popular when they were first released, they've become something of a cult classic amongst a certain breed of serious collectors.
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