The honor of appearing on a Wheaties box has been a right of passage for the biggest names in sports for a long time. The list of those who have graced the bright orange breakfast cereal box since Yankees slugger Lou Gehrig first appeared in 1934 includes icons like Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Walter Payton, Althea Gibson, Brett Favre, and Andre Agassi.*Today, another American sports legend can add the Wheaties box to her resume: Serena Williams. And if that wasn't enough, she's rocking a pretty cool watch too, an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.
What most surprised me upon learning that Serena Williams was on the latest Wheaties box was that it was only her first time (Michael Jordan appeared on the box a record 18 times). I mean, Williams is not only arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, man or woman, but also one of the greatest professional athletes overall.
But back to the watch. Williams is rocking a rose gold Royal Oak with a diamond bezel (the ref. 15451OR, to be exact) that has been taken off its bracelet and mounted on a white rubber strap to make it more comfortable on the court remember, this is a watch that Williams has been known to wear in competition. In fact, we spotted her wearing it in her most recent Wimbledon championship, in 2016. Serena has worked with AP for quite some time now, and has been spotted wearing sportier models on the court as well as high-jewelry pieces like the Diamond Outrage at events like New York City's Met Gala.*
But how often do you get to buy a box of cereal with a Royal Oak on it?! Yeah, this is pretty cool stuff indeed.
For more on the Royal Oak, visit Audemars Piguet online.