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Thread: SOTC from someone who is not collecting watches, spoiler: no divers or fliegers

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    The Rado has ETA2892-A2 elaboré so there's decorations but I was surprised to find decorations from the Junkers Sellita SW290-1.
    Picture from Junkers, Rado has same decorations, neither are visible without elf eyes or magnifying glass.

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    I was seriously considering to buy the Vintage Zenith last december, and I was quite pleased to find the Rotary six months later.
    The modern version of the Zenith also looked nice.
    I'm glad that I got over the "it must be a Zenith because the brand is better than x" thinking.
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    SOTC now, watches for different occasions, what is missing from the picture is Seiko 5 that I honestly bought just because it was cheap and wanted to to try it.
    Also what is not in the box is the watch I'm wearing if I don't know what watch to wear, the grey dial Seiko titanium on a titanium bracelet.
    Most of these are 38-40mm with 20mm lugs so I have lots of straps for them, usually I vaguely match the strap color to my shoes.
    I think I'm set now as the number of watch+strap combinations is so high that I don't have time to wear them all.

    Oh the Casio is there to remind me of the real world, and if I show my friends my watchbox they recognize the Casio and don't think I'm too serious watch collector or a snob.

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