Sports cars, racing yachts, and incredibly rare watches these are just a few of the hallmark fascinations of Briggs Cunningham. Now, on a fittingly patriotic weekend, let's take a look back on a glowing, no-stone-left-unturned piece from Ben about Cunningham's very American legacy and how it became so closely connected with a serious roster of collectible watches and cars.*
Feast your eyes on Cunningham's gorgeous Patek Philippe 1526 Perpetual steel (above). Then imagine it on his wrist as he took delivery of the first Ferrari ever sold in the U.S., or perhaps the first 300 SL Gullwing ever delivered to a customer. Check out the whole story below. There are plenty more watches and cars just a click away.*
Read "In-Depth: The Incredible Watches (And Cars) Of Briggs Cunningham" here.