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Thread: WRUW Tuesday 9th July (Normal Edition)

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    WRUW Tuesday 9th July (Normal Edition)

    Morning IWL (dreary weather here)

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    Close to Providence RI

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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    WRUR Tuesday 9th July (Normal Edition)

    On a two week adventure through Italy. Brought a bunch of watches to keep me company. Nothing too nice, just enough to keep me entertained.

    And apparently thatís Jeff Bezos yacht anchored off of our hotel on the Amalfi Coast. What an amazing country. Each city is more beautiful than the last!

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    After the 5-6" of rain Sunday night into Monday morning, we're back to normal here.

    Zodiac back on it's jubilee bracelet.

    -- Wayne

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    Anniversary issue, although Im pretty sure it wasnít the anniversary at the time Iím not sure why it was issued...

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    Doing some shopping downtown and needed a break. Popped into a cafe in an isolated coutyard just two blocks from the city center.

    Coffee and rhubarb pie make a nice combination.

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