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Thread: Saturday WRUW?

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    Saturday WRUW?

    Well, I was suppose to give away the Orange Monster to my friend but he liked my Black Monster better....which worked out great as the OM is my favorite beater so I gave him the BM instead and happily accepted the Orange back into my family!
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    Happily unadjusted 😜 popoki nui's Avatar
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    Day Two of affordables week:
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    Solar Baby G BGR300. No idea why I don't wear this one more often. At the 30-second mark, the day is replaced alternately with an animated surfer ():

    ...and a particularly frisky dolphin...wheeee!

    My only solar-powered watch, as well. I really need to wear it more often. Have a great weekend!

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    Orient Mako by day

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    Gavox Legacy Stars by night

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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    Having a mini GTG tomorrow with Cybotron, Dojoca, WWII70 and perhaps a couple of others and will bring these two....

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    And later, as I'm attending a bachelor party....

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    Have a great weekend IWL friends!

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    The new arrival, of course :-) Happy Saturday, everyone!

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    Still with the MLPSD. Gonna enjoy my time at home this weekend...


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    Still playing with yesterday refurbished strap... gonna check how tan would look on teal... what do you think? =P

    have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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    I'll be going with this me thinks, there will be barbeque and beer.


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    Just changed the battery on my Orient Dyno.

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