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Thread: Fight - Manny vs Floyd

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    Fight - Manny vs Floyd

    Pretty much self explanatory - who's gonna win?

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    My answer is a strangish one..........

    I can't stand Mayweather, he displays the the wrong sort of behaviours in the worst ways and I just don't like his standoffish counter boxing style, therefore I really want Manny to win.

    However, I still think Mayweather will win.


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    Let's see the watches!


    Say what you will, it's seldom that a Franck Mueller will be the most sedate watch in a group.

    On the other hand, Pacquiao appears to prefera simple watch with sentimental value (taken from a post after her left it on a bathroom counter at a hotel)

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    Awful, every single one of them

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    Mayweather is a tool of the most insufferable sort and I hope Manny stomps the living shit out of him. Mayweather needs humbling in the worst way.
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    For reasons I can only ascribe to my perverse streak letting its hair down, I want Mayweather to win

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    I'm rooting for Pacquiao. I don't know a damn thing about boxing, so I have no idea who will win.

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    I don't follow boxing, but after seeing those watches I'm tempted to tune in and watxh the two of them get the beating they both deserve
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    Logic says Floyd but I want Manny to win.
    Regards Cam

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    Todays boxing/infotainment experience is a joke compared to when it was actually a sport long ago, IMO.

    Not getting any of my time or $.
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