While we are passionate about watches here, we also have an appreciation for fine tools, and the Swiss Army Knife is now in the line up we carry here in the HODINKEE Shop. Respected for its diverse configurations, this multi-purpose tool has grown from its original military-issued design to meet the needs of everyday tasks such as turning screws, cutting paper, and opening letters and packages. If you have never experienced the versatility of one of these instruments, fear not, we've made a new, exclusive version with the classic array of tools in a new color with subtle HODINKEE branding.
In a sleek, black two-inch handle, we’ve outfitted seven tools you should have in your pocket each day. Extending out of the lightly glossed handle is a 1.5 inch stainless steel blade, a pair of scissors, and a flat-head screwdriver that also functions as a nail file. With these folded safely away, there is also easy access to a handy pair of tweezers and a toothpick, both of which slide out from the edge of the knife’s shell. Turning the knife over, you will find the Swiss Army logo on the back of the handle.
Thanks to its compact size, the Victorinox for HODINKEE Swiss Army Knife is perfect for attaching to your house or car keys – it comes with a double-loop key ring – and it comfortably fits in your pocket. Manufactured in Switzerland, this versatile pocket knife stays loyal to its heritage while remaining affordable. These make for great gifts, so pick up a few for your upcoming gift-giving needs, or treat yourself to one of these handy little tools right here in the HODINKEE Shop.