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Thread: Time and Tide - Vince's Konstantin Chaykin is no joking matter*

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    Time and Tide - Vince's Konstantin Chaykin is no joking matter*

    Next up in our rolling cavalcade of 'Every Watch Tells a Story' stories is Vince. Now, this one is a bit of a funny one, and not just because the watch in question is the critically acclaimed Joker from Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin. If you're not familiar with the Joker, it's a very clever piece of watchmaking, that looks like, well, a Joker. Look closer and you'll notice that those crazy eyes show hours and minutes, and the lolling red tongue is actually a moonphase. It's bright, cheery and pretty out of the box for a generally conservative industry. And these are all reasons why Vince fell for the watch, hard. The only problem? It was limited to 99 pieces and they were all gone.* He actually made a secret edition with a casino in Russia called Tigre de Cristal So Vince put some calls in to try to track one down. Within minutes he had a call back but there was something odd about this Joker *

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    Like that

    Even though I have no interest in modern day Batman movies
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