Time and time again, NOMOS Glashütte has proven to the industry that a small watch can pack a lot of power with a ton of class at an affordable price, and the Duo series comes ready to outweigh the lingering skepticism that size equals quality. Housed in solid 33 millimeter stainless steel cases, these NOMOS Duo watches wear larger than they appear, thanks to the thin bezel that allows for vast exposure of the dial. While the exterior is manufactured to simple perfection, the brand’s commitment to crafting their own in-house movements is where they set themselves apart from others.
For this occasion, we have selected three classic flagship round-case designs– the Tangente, the Ludwig, and the Orion– deeply rooted in the modern and minimalist Bauhaus aesthetics NOMOS is known for. As always, the brand has remained true to its traditional designs and engineered a versatile collection of watches perfect on the wrist of a man or a woman.
Tangente 33 Duo

Though similar to the timepieces beside it, the Tangente 33 Duo distinguishes itself through its hour markers and case design. Unlike the others, the Tangente has Arabic numerals that give it a relaxed but sophisticated touch. The angular design of its lugs paired with the flat circular case create a sharp and sleek profile while a large knurled crown boldly projects outward from its side. This watch exhibits a dignified personality– one that allows it to fly under the radar in casual settings and to stand out in a semi-formal environment.
Ludwig 33 Duo

Next to the Tangente, the Ludwig 33 Duo is all about tradition. Roman numerals give a proud nod to the heritage of mechanical watchmaking. As on enamel dials of watches of old, the fourth hour is marked as IIII instead of IV to balance the composition of the dial that would otherwise appear disproportionate. The Ludwig’s lugs are also slim and gently ebb away from its smooth rounded case, offering a delicate and elegant feel desired in formal engagements.
Orion 33 Duo

Lastly, set apart from the others is the latest addition to the NOMOS Orion collection. The Orion 33 Duo is clean and simple. It’s familial elongated lugs are significantly thicker than those of the Tangente and Ludwig. Tapering steeply down from the outermost points of each quadrant of its case, the Orion’s lugs allow the watch to poise itself better as they stretch toward the curved edges of the wrist. With no numerals at all, the Orion’s dial sports applied, diamond-polished golden indices. And like its hands, these markers take on a different metallic hue in the shadows and in the light.
NOMOS Alpha.2

(Photo: Courtesy NOMOS Glashütte)
Behind its stainless steel caseback, the Duo series is powered by the Alpha.2, one of the most respected NOMOS in-house calibers. The Duo series’ mechanical movements are astoundingly smaller than a U.S. quarter dollar and extraordinarily thin at 2.6 millimeters in height. Jeweled to the center (watchmaking lingo for having 17 jeweled bearings), the Alpha.2 is manually wound and possesses a power reserve of 43 hours, which is quite remarkable given its slender build. The Alpha.2 is also beautifully decorated with Glashütte ribbing on its bridges, tempered blue screws, and perlage on its mainplate. Check out some great presentations of these finishing techniques in this NOMOS feature.*
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