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Thread: My wife got jealous of my Rolex

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    My wife got jealous of my Rolex

    I guess what goes around comes around. I buy Orients, Ball watches and even IWCs, she doesn't say anything. The day I buy my Submariner she suddenly says she needs a new watch. I guess I had been an enabler anyways since I have been saying she could buy a new watch, just didn't think it'd be that quick after I bought the Submariner. I guess that's Rolex's appeal.

    So here is the watch in question. She's wearing right now as we speak.

    The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date ref. 115200:

    The blue dial is mesmerizing, it reflects off different shades of blue at different angles.

    At the case size of 34mm it's perfectly sized for her wrists since she doesn't like the tiny sized watches of old.

    I have tiny wrists as well perfect for my wrists too? (Maybe I bought it for myself?)

    It's got the easylink on the bracelet as well, easily adjustable on a warm day for the perfect fit. Screw down crown for 100m water resistance, for course COSC meaning that it'll run between -4 to +6 seconds (last measured at +3s per day which isn't too bad).

    The only criticism I have is the polished centre links. It's going to be easily prone to scratches no matter how careful you are. It's my wife's first expensive watch so she's being even more careful than I am but those scratches can't be avoided.

    Anyways, I may be whinging how my money in the bank has gone down, but this watch is really a looker, and it'll be a watch that we'll keep for a lifetime.

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    Looks awesome! Although I wear watches up to ~42mm, 34mm is just right for me as well.

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    That is beautiful and looks great on you. The style, size and WR make it a perfect everyday watch, IMO

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    Fits you really well!!.. my wife wear white ceramic bezel VSA chrono classic in 41mm even though she has small wrist also..

    the blue dial look so gorgeous!

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    Great looking watch! Oyster + smooth bezel makes for nicely understated look set off by the wonderful dial!

    Its the first few scratches that stand out that will bother you.Your wife will stop worrying about PCLs once its picked up a nice even patina of micro scratches
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    great choice [for both of you] i have the same blue dial though somewhat older -the bracelet doesn't have the polished links though - i have 7.5 wrists and have no problem wearing the watch - as regards to the bracelet you can always keep it nice and put some leather on it -gives you loads of options perhaps even a his and hers choice of leather Name:  xx copy.jpg
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Size:  53.9 KB great choice btw
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    She chose well! I love that blue dial and have the larger-scale version of it in my DJII. It's a dial you can easily get lost in for minutes at a time whenever you look at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shameless View Post
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    That is a really beautiful watch, Germy. It is one Rolex I have really admired (for myself.) Hope your wife ( and you) enjoy it in the best of health!


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    Damn that's shiny !!
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