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Thread: I think I have something in my eye

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    I think I have something in my eye

    I got a PM from a member here who had heard (via PM) that my brother is sick in hospital. I was frankly surprised that people were talking about it - I did mention it in a lounge chat thread but still. They asked my postal address, and no questions. I have just received a package

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    What a thoughtful gift. My brother loves the great outdoors - goes camping, hiking etc regularly, and doesn't have a watch at all(!), despite my efforts. Ironically they think the tropical disease(s) he is fighting were picked up whilst he was camping a few weeks ago This setback won't put him off though - he'll be back out there with his new toy! As soon as he gets out of surgery...And a very generous Amazon voucher - I'll suggest he uses it to buy some more outdoors gear which he loves so much. I'll post a pic of him wearing it when he gets it.

    What can I say IWL - I really am very blessed to have such an amazing community to call friends.

    Thank you very much.
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    Wonderful gesture! Hope your brother feels better soon!
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    I hope that watch is properly broken in very soon!

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    A genuine pat on the back to whoever it was (who'll most likely want to remain publically nameless and rightly so)

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    Whoever you may be

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    I know who PM'd me and they shall remain anonymous, but I believe it was a group effort. It was signed IWL so I think you all - you all make this community the friendly place that it is which facilitates such kind gestures.
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    Hope he's feeling better soon so he can take it for a spin.Love the IWL card .I don't think your weird......Make sure you join him on his next adventure Geoff - the tropical disease.

    Such a great community.
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    And of course we expect your brother to do a "geoffbot pose" with his new watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steppy View Post
    And of course we expect your brother to do a "geoffbot pose" with his new watch
    .....and legs . Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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    Best wishes to your brother, Geoff, for a full and speedy recovery. May he be sporting his new watch out in the wild soon!


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    Wish your brother get better soon, Geoff. Hope he likes the wach and will take it for many, many adventures.

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