The team behind Auteur watches is back with their latest project just launched on Kickstarter, the AAASY Supercolor. The AAASY Supercolor is a fun digital watch that plays heavily on 1990s style. Having grown up in the ’90s, it seems almost absurd to come to the realization that brands and designers are now using the era to tap into the nostalgia of a previous generation, but, well, here we are. I guess this is growing up.
Lamentation of my fleeting youth aside, the ’90s were awesome — as anyone who came of age in the era knows perfectly well — so expressive and bright designs that pull from that time are totally welcome, and the Supercolor was created with this in mind.

AAASY Supercolor*

  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Dial: Eight user selectable color options*
  • Dimensions: 44mm
  • Water Resistance: 50 meters
  • Movement: Custom digital module
  • Strap/bracelet: Two layer polyester on Velcro
  • Price: $115 on Kickstarter; $229 at retail
  • Expected Release: Anticipated shipping in November 2019

A digital watch (which is maybe more ’80s than ’90s, but it still works), the Supercolor’s critical feature is its ability to change the color of the dial readout at will. It’s a nod to ’90s pixel-art, and it’s hard to believe this feature isn’t commonly available in some of the more popular enthusiast-focused digital watches on the market today. The AAASY Supercolor can display eight different colors on its screen, and company offers a variety of brightly colored mil-style straps (with a Velcro attachment, which is amazing), so the possibilities for customization here are huge.

Another break from the norm in today’s digital watch world is that the AAASY Supercolor uses a durable stainless steel case (there’s no plastic to speak of here). The case is available in four different colorways (silver, black, rose gold, and yellow gold), offering additional opportunities for customization.

The heart of the watch, though, is the custom-designed digital interface. In addition to a traditional time and date display, the watch features a simple calendar, a time zone function, and a stopwatch. Everything was custom made for this very watch, so while the designs have a familiar look if you’re accustomed to with this kind of watch, there are little touches that give it a unique charm. For example, the watch displays one of several random animated AAASY logos — each inspired by electronics brands that were popular in the ’90s — each time it’s turned off. Once you see them, they’ll immediately trigger the memory bank.Lots of brands try to evoke a particular time period in their watch designs, and sometimes the effect is a mishmash of vintage cues that have been borrowed over and over again, as if the designer read a book, watched a movie, or just observed how others were trying to get at the same thing. The AAASY Supercolor feels a little different because it marries the look and feel of an era’s style with the tech of the same period, which, in the ’90s especially, was critical to how the decade was experienced.
But this isn’t a watch to get overly philosophical over. For a Kickstarter pledge of a little over $100, you’re getting a high quality digital watch that will make you fondly remember a fantastic time period every time you look at it, which seems like quite a value proposition. AAASY Supercolor via Kickstarter

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