Straight off the pages of horological history and onto your wrist, the famous Swiss Brand, TROPIC is back!

I couldn’t possibly begin to count the amount of times I’ve introduced a new diver’s watch here that has been supplied with a ‘’tropic-style’’ diver’s strap.

Jaeger LeCoultre, Longines, Oris, and scores of smaller brands all wishing to recapture the good ol’ pioneering days of scuba diving with their latest retro divers, and everyone in between.

One name, one style of watch strap that comes up again and again when wanting to add that final touch of authenticity to any neo vintage dive watch, is Tropic.

The TROPIC legend dates back to the mid-60s as explorers, divers, and outdoorsmen sought a sportier and more comfortable alternatives to the traditional steel bracelets or leather straps of the time.

They found their answer in the waterproof, and ultra-durable TROPIC straps, which could be purchased as alternative OEM straps from authorized retailers of the most iconic sports watch manufacturers of the era.

Today that famous Swiss purveyor of dive watch straps is back; TROPIC returns with their new Heritage Rubber Strap line for vintage and modern dive watches.

The TROPIC Rubber Strap dives again with a modern design honoring the capability and style of the original TROPIC sport straps from the 1960s.

As the latest venture from Synchron Watch Group, TROPIC will join other iconic diver-centric brand names such as Aquadive, Doxa, Jenny and ISOfrane.

Good-looking and waterproof, the new TROPIC rubber strap is made in Italy perfectly complementing the retro aesthetic and capability of vintage and modern sports watches alike.

There are scores of rubber strap models and styles, but through the years, there’s only been one strap that is known by its brand name, the TROPIC strap.

Once standard issue for the world’s most iconic dive watches throughout the 60s and 70s, today TROPIC straps make use of a new and proprietary vulcanized rubber formula optimized for comfort and quality.

Like the original, the new genuine TROPIC strap shares the same design elements, adhering to the textured ‘tapestry’ surface that made the original a beloved, multi-generational icon.

Its deeply embossed back and tapered shape are designed to increase wearer comfort, while the strap’s ends are uniquely shaped to create a seamless transition between case, lugs and strap.

The proprietary vulcanized rubber used to produce each TROPIC Rubber Strap is hypoallergenic, and optimized for tensile strength, UV resistance, and is largely immune to adverse effects from extreme heat or cold.

And since this rubber contains no silicone, it does not attract dust or fade from prolonged sunlight exposure.

Delivered in 4 colors: black, blue, brown and green; the new TROPIC rubber straps can be ordered directly from for 79USD.

At this moment only a vintage-watch-nerd-appeasing 20mm size is available, however a more substantial 22mm version is on the way.

Final thoughts? A welcomed return in-deed; I have always admired the way Tropic straps look, but now there’s the promise of top notch modern materials toboot.