It is not uncommon to see huge books and immediately classify them as nothing more than decoration for a coffee table. For a book to break this stereotype, it has to possess substantial material unlike anything we’ve seen before. At HODINKEE, we are extremely particular about the contents of our library, carefully selecting the best publications for our readers. It brings us great joy to announce two new additions to our collection – The Beauty of Time and From Seamaster to Seamaster – available right here in the HODINKEE Shop.
'The Beauty of Time' by François Chaille, Dominique Fléchon, and Franco Cologni

The Beauty of Time tells a passionate story of the evolution of timepieces in addition to the artistic and cultural elements present in the defined eras of their creation. Covering seven centuries of horological history, this unique publication takes you on an exquisitely illustrated journey with expert narratives on historical advancements from early pendulum clocks to the modern wristwatch. The rich text and diverse visual collection present in The Beauty of Time was created in partnership with the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, making sure that every reader has an engaging and rewarding experience.
'From Seamaster to Seamaster' by Omega, Philippe Lacombe, and Shigeru Ban

It goes without saying that the Omega Seamaster is one of the most important dive watches in the industry. From Seamaster to Seamaster is a photographic story of the first Seamaster model introduced in 1948 and its progression over seventy years. Utilizing breathtaking macro photography and stunning portraits, the tale of this infamous timepiece’s craftsmanship and design is communicated through an unprecedented medium that allows you to see the Seamaster from a perspective you have never been able to gain before.
Both of these publications, along with some of the best watchmaking books available, can be found here in the HODINKEE Shop. As the summer heat blazes down and keeps you indoors, pick up a copy of these excellent works of art, broaden your horizons of horological knowledge, and further your appreciation of this magnificent trade at a great price.