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Thread: INCOMING (but i can not wear it on my wrist)

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    INCOMING (but i can not wear it on my wrist)

    Very sorry if this post against the forum rule and i will be okay if the moderators move the post...

    just found out a few hours ago i would be expecting an incoming... yes i would still have to wait 9 months from now.. but that is an unavoidable procedure..
    i'm no longer a young guy, and my boy is 10 years old.. my wife and i (plus my boy) has been living in a very frugal life.. especially in the recent years after i'm facing health and earning/working issues..
    we have no plan to add another member to the family but i always said if God give us another -- then it is meant to be and we will count as blessings..
    well today after her period late-- my wife check with a couple of test pack and the result is positive.. we will visit a doctor soon to consult..

    i'll be honest i was deeply shocked... but my wife and my boy is excited!
    i'll get ready.. i always like INCOMING -- even though i didn't plan for this one.. but i will do my very best to her/him..
    my boy and wife are always my joy and biggest moral support... God must be really love me to add another one in my life as a family members...

    thank you guys... just want to share.. since i have no where to share.. IWL is the only forum i join.. i have no facebook and my social medial is only instagram to post my straps picture..

    i will update this post with picture when "the package" arrived (may take a while)... thank you so so much for everybody's support and encouragement... please keep me in my your thought and prayer. hope everything will be just fine..
    God bless us all..
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    Very many congratulations,
    Always happy to hear good news
    Good health to you and your family

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    Congratulations Iyonk + beautiful wife
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    Excellent news! Congratulations, Iyonk.

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    Congrats Iyonk!!

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    Wow. a nice surprise. Big congrats, Iyonk!

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    What wonderful news!! Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy and happy addition, Iyonk.

    In terms of being shocked, well, science HAS figured out how this happens...

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    Great news. Best wishes for you and your family.

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    Congrats to you and your family

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    good to hear mate
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