Today, we're proud to announce that Zodiac has arrived in the HODINKEE Shop, with four killer Super Sea Wolf diver models available today. The Super Sea Wolf is one of the few modern watches that truly captures the ideology behind the models that inspired it. Zodiac had contributed significant advancements to horology as early as 1932 with the Autograf model, which was one of the first wristwatches with a power reserve indicator. However, it was the Sea Wolf that galvanized the brandís reputation as a hearty, reliable companion on adventures underwater as well as topside in the '50s and '60s.
The Zodiac Sea Wolf was the perfect answer to meet the demands of all sorts of underwater hobbies. Coincidentally, the mid-century era also saw SCUBA diving quickly catching on with a sporting crowd. With the rise of diving, there was also a boom in general interest in the underwater world: snorkeling, spear fishing, and a collective infatuation with inner space emerged. The watch became a talisman for adventure. Vintage Zodiac ads fantasized all the fun underwater excursions one could imagine, oftentimes featuring eclectic pop-art with divers mingling with sharks and scary creatures. A Sea Wolf on the wrist meant the wearer would rather be exploring underwater wrecks and always be ready for anything that might come their way.
The present-day Zodiac has managed to maintain the ethos of yesteryear. With Fossilís direction, the watch continues the sort of go-anywhere, do-anything attitude. Instead of 35mm and water resistant to 660ft, the watch is now 40mm and waterproof to 200m. And it has the technical prowess to back it up Ė inside thereís a movement thatís made in-house by Fossil-owned STP (Swiss Technology Production). Both Zodiac and STP are under Fossil Group, and it was a perfect match between the new and the old. The modern Super Sea Wolf range is visually striking, incorporating elements of the vintage Zodiac while debuting an entirely new technical design language.
All four models being introduced today fall under the Super Sea Wolf line, each taking the best vintage design cues. The monochrome models feature an aesthetic layout that was present on the original Sea Wolf that was released in 1953. The retro-styled Super Sea Wolf may revive mid-century elegance, but that doesnít mean it skimps on performance. The large triangle markers are loaded with lume for high visibility and extreme legibility, and the applied indices feature two polished markers flanking a plot of lume. In addition, the hands are fully lumed. With a healthy application of lume and a respectable depth rating, itís exactly the kind of watch thatís actually ready to take on anything, from slipping under the waves to slipping under a cuff. The navy blue and light blue models take after the funky sportier vibes of the '70s. The indices, bezel, and seconds track all play with a palette of color thatís firmly in the retro camp, which sets these models apart from any other dive watch designs out there.
Of the four models now available at the HODINKEE Shop, the black Super Sea Wolf is truly special because we are the only place you can get one outside of a military base. While the original Sea Wolf model was a favorite among divers in the U.S., with its distribution during the Vietnam War, they were also sold in PX shops on military bases throughout Southeast Asia. The watch quickly became a favorite of soldiers for its durability and ability to perform under the harsh conditions the jungles of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia presented. Turns out the same durability, toughness, and legibility that made it great for diving also made it the ideal piece of kit for the humid and challenging terrain American forces encountered. That servicemen favored the Sea Wolf is perhaps the most significant testament to the watchís capability.
All four executions of the Super Sea Wolf are icons that epitomize classic dive watch design and with their introduction to the HODINKEE Shop, theyíre ready for your next adventure. Shop the full collection here.