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Thread: $$$$$ WRUW Friday 8th may'15 $$$$$

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    $$$$$ WRUW Friday 8th may'15 $$$$$

    Have a great day everybody!! enjoying my ultra affordable diver this morning..
    lookin' forward for all your GREAT timepieces on today WRUW..

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    The Casio looks good Looks great on that strap too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnuyork View Post
    The Casio looks good Looks great on that strap too.
    Thanks Gnuyork!
    it is quite funny how Casio can make these inexpensive watch so solid, very reliable (it use miyota movement that even though pretty cheap but very2 robust and keep excellent time) and the bonus part for mine is the second hand hit every minute marker perfectly and no alligment issue hehehe...

    i just use it as an experience if someday i can get a sumo or larger seiko diver since this one is 44mm.. rather big for my 6,7" wrist..

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    Breitling, today

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    Have a nice day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shameless View Post
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    Hehehe.. i'm honored Peter.. no padding solid one piece leather strap surely feel comfy and special on the wrist right?

    i'm biassed but the combo look's like a comfy old faithful.. in a goodway..

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    Big beast

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    Started today with the GS, but as soon as I got home I switched to the ML Pontos Diver. Guess it's still got me under it's spell...

    Currently on its bracelet...

    But I might switch it to a funky NATO for Friday...

    Maybe we should make that a thing; Funky NATO Fridays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CFR View Post
    Breitling, today

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    Have a nice day.
    SUPER Nice C!

    sorry for dumb question.. so is this Breitling count as a pilot or diver watch?

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