Dive watches are close to our heart, but they only take on meaning from the aura surrounding deep-sea diving and underwater adventure. It makes total sense that Oris, a company that produces killer dive watches, would be committed to making sure the oceans are a suitable and enjoyable place to use dive watches for their intended purpose.*
The new Oris Clean Ocean Limited Edition is indeed an Aquis, but the watchís unique aesthetic is meant to call to mind the beauty of the sea through visual cues corresponding to different elements of the body of water that covers 71% of the Earthís surface. Take the blue gradient dial, for instance; the way the sunburst pattern refracts light is reminiscent of how the sun pierces tropical waters. The ceramic bezel insert also mimics the cool blue hues you might find in the Caribbean. While the watch is visually pleasing, it goes well beyond aesthetics Ė it doesnít just look great, itís part of something much larger. On the caseback thereís a medallion made from plastic thatís been removed from the ocean by a firm called Pacific Garbage Screening. The insert is made from PET bottles that once littered the sea; it serves as a reminder that we must take care of our oceans. Additionally, to reflect the conservation theme, the special presentation box is made out of an environmentally friendly material derived from regenerative algae. Oris has been engaged in efforts to preserve the oceans for a number of years now, and this watch is just another testament to the ecologically-minded ethos of the Swiss manufacturer.*
The watch is 39.5mm wide, and inside youíll find Orisís caliber 733, based on the venerable SW-200-1. Itís got a 38-hour power reserve, and of course, the signature Oris red rotor. Only 2,000 examples will be made, and with 300m of water resistance, itís ready to get wet. When youíre out there taking in the majestic nature of the sea, you can look at your wrist and know that you had a little part in making in better. Shop the Oris Clean Ocean Limited Edition here.*