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Thread: What do we know about LIP watches (modern, not vintage)?

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    What do we know about LIP watches (modern, not vintage)?

    I'm interested in who owns the brand, where they are made, what the build quality is if anyone handled them in person etc? TIA.
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    Had high hopes on thier T18 re-issue. Dial amazing , different look on every view , stunner. Case ok but sharp corners. Crown too big, caught on the flexing wrist enough to pull out and stop. Great pity as such a/or could have been classic re-make of an icon. Got rid, but still like the idea , just needs a proper version.
    Some Lip are really eye catching. No longer from Besancon

    Yuri link btw

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    Owned by this company, by the look of it -

    I’d guess that the watches are made in Asia. I owned one for a while -

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    It was a remake of their ‘General de Gaulle’ watch. There was nothing wrong with it, but it felt a bit lightweight and insubstantial.

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    Unsure , but , may have gone past their works during the last years

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    "In 1960, faced with competition from the United States and Japan, the company in difficulty went from social plan to capital recovery, finally succumbing to "Made in China". Today and since 2015, LIP seeks to regain its noble status by focusing on the quality of its timepieces and favouring an assembly made in France." [Translated from an article in Mr Montre - Dec. 2018]

    Edit: To be fair, it all sounds too much like empty marketing talk, though.

    Maybe we should ask Monsieur Emmanuel Macron. He was seen wearing one LIP (quartz).
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    What do we know about LIP watches (modern, not vintage)?

    My understanding of modern LiP is that they make auto and quartz reissues of the watches of their glory days: the tanks, the futuristic Roger Tallon stuff, the CDG and the fabulous compressor LiP Nautic Ski

    As to quality, Iíve not handled one

    Reno, a French guy on WUS Affordables has commented that LiP also do catalogue watches - the sort you get free as an introductory gift for signing up to something, in a magazine, or perhaps as a company business gift

    Not sure if there are two tiers of quality, or if manufacturing costs are the driver of quality throughout
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    You can buy them at a lot of shop's in France. I have handled a few while in Nice. Build quality seemed quite good but I did not want to pay the expense for a quartz at the time, and the automatic was out of my range then. As 0hDark30 said Reno has a vast collection I believe. Here's the one I was looking at the gd model.

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