Quick Take

Today we have an extremely lightweight, ergonomic, and sports-friendly mechanical wristwatch to from Omega to introduce. It draws on the company's penchant for developing hugely amagnetic chronometer-certified wristwatches while also taking the overall mass down (to 55 grams, or about the weight of 11 nickels), a plus for comfort and for reducing the effects of shocks on the mechanism inside. The Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light's case, case back, and crown are all made of an alloy called Gamma Titanium, a first use for Omega. And the the dial has been designed to use less material and therefore weigh less.*There's also no date display, which helps in reducing weight to a bare minimum.
The ergonomics of the watch are enhanced by a push-in, push-out telescopic crown (you push the crown in and it pops out to the setting position, and push in again to put it back in place when you're done) . In the images below, you can see it in either state. In addition to causing the the watch to look more streamlined and symmetrical when the crown isn't in use, it also prevents the *crown from digging into the wearer's wrist, an important consideration when the wrist is bent to wield a golf club or, maybe, a baseball bat or tennis racquet. Of course, having a crown that lies flush with the case is far from a major innovation, but in combination with the extremely lightweight construction of the watch, it's just one more touch that adds to the experience of a timepiece that could really feel like it disappears on the wrist Ė in a good way.
The Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light comes on a rubber strap, but you also get the fabric sports strap you see here accented in one of three colors: red, blue or green. It's when worn on this lightweight sports strap that the watch clocks in at only 55 grams.
The lightness of the latest Seamaster Aqua Terra hasn't come at the expense of accuracy and precision. Omega is presenting an all-new movement, the manually wound Caliber 8928 Titanium, which comes with 5 years of warranty and Omega's industry-leading Master Chronometer certification. In addition to being highly precise and hugely amagnetic (to 15,000 gauss) this movement is also super lightweight, with its plates and bridges having been made from ceramized titanium. Omega says that in addition to providing a distinctive dark grey color, this material also aids in reducing friction between components. *
Initial Thoughts

According to Omega, the watch was developed in collaboration with its longtime golf ambassador Rory McIlroy. Though not being billed specifically as a golfer's watch, the timepiece is being debuted on the eve of one of Omega's major sports activations, the Omega European Masters, in what is, arguably, its most important sports activity.
As anybody who plays the game, or in my case, attempts to play the game, knows, depite its associations with luxury watchmakers, golf is not exactly welcoming to the wearing of mechanical wristwatches. The heavy weight of many timepieces can throw off one's swing, golfers say, and the effects of a strong swing *donít benefit a watch's mechanism. Better to take off your watch before you tee off, the conventional wisdom tells us, than to let your watch hurt your game or vice versa.*
A representative for Omega said that some golfers participating in the Omega European Masters would be wearing this new watch while practicing for the event today. The Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light is a watch that would seem to make golfing (or playing your preferred sport) with your mechanical watch on a more appealing proposition, while subjecting some new Omega materials, namely ceramized titanium and Gamma Titanium, to the difficult proving ground that is golf.
Omega has not yet confirmed pricing or availability, and some key specs are still unconfirmed as well, but we'll be updating the story as this info becomes available, so stay tuned.
The Basics

Brand: Omega
Model: Seamaster Aqua Terra Ultra Light
Diameter: Not yet available
Thickness: Not yet available
Case Material: Omega Gamma titanium
Dial Color: Grey with aluminum seconds hand in red, blue, or green
Indexes: applied
Lume: on indexes, hour and minute hands
Strap/Bracelet: Sports fabric strap and rubber strap
The Movement

Caliber: Cal.8928 Titanium
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds
Winding: Manual
Jewels: 29
Chronometer Certified: Yes; Master Chronometer certified
Pricing & Availability

Price: Not yet announced
Availability: Not yet announced
Limited Edition: No, regular production model.
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