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Thread: Vostok 150 parts - crystal?

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    Vostok 150 parts - crystal?

    I cracked (shattered?) the crystal on my Vostok 150SE. Does anyone have a source for parts or should I just email Meranom and expect a long wait?


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    This thread has some info. and a vid. which might help mate

    afaik Meranom have a minimum order value
    sorry to hear of your mishap, hope you can fix it mate

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    Thanks, gents. I'll email Meranom and see what they say.

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    This sat for a while.

    I cracked a few crystals trying to install them without a press. Ordered a press and had it done in under 5 minutes.

    Everything came apart and went back together easily and it still works

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyscrappyheropup View Post
    Everything came apart and went back together easily and it still works
    thats what vostok is known for

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