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Thread: $$$$$ WRUW - TUESDAY - 12 may'15 $$$$$

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    $$$$$ WRUW - TUESDAY - 12 may'15 $$$$$

    Enjoying my fav simple Quartz..

    have a great day everybody!

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    Orient Mako XL. This will be one of the last times I wear it on leather as I'm starting to switch everything over to NATOs.


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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    To continue the Orient theme.

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    Travel has upset my normal schedule. I usually rotate my pocketwatch weekly, on Sunday. Today, I returned from nearly 2 weeks on the road. Waiting for me was a package with a newly serviced gem. All it needed was a simple COA. This is a Hamilton 940 - with several twists. Let's leave some of them as a quiz.

    First, and most obvious, this watch is in a Hamilton display case. It has a snap on front bezel and a glass back so you can see the movement. This is not uncommon in current watches - but was basically a salesman's case back in the day. It wasn't intended for actual day-to-day use, but I wear it this way to show off the movement without removing the back. It's a nice novelty, if not terribly "correct".

    Second - look at the dial. I'll leave it at that. What strikes you about the dial? What looks familiar? What looks strange? Do visions of lawsuits dance in your head?

    Third - (not shown) It turns out that under a strong light there's a surprise lurking in the background. Do the initials O.R.T. mean anything to you? How would you choose between an O.R.T. dial and an A.K. Jobe dial - if you had to choose? I should note that the movement is marked "A.K. Jobe - Water Valley, Miss/Jackson, Tenn". Does that change your decision?

    Finally - if the stars align, next weekend I may meet a descendant of the may who constucted this artificial display piece. If that happens, I may have confirmation on several bits of history, which I will week.

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    La lutte elle-mme vers les sommets suffit remplir un cur d'homme; il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux.

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    Another Orient

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    Broad arrow speedy again

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    Paketa today . DW.

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    sent from Billy super-Duper

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    Eterna | Tudor | Seiko | Casio | G-Shock | Orient | Swatch | Mondaine | Zodiac (pre-Fossil) | Rolex | Wenger | Pulsar Time Computer | Omega | Timex | Bucherer | Citizen | Bulova | Glycine

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    Quote Originally Posted by popoki nui View Post


    I really love the dial and case shape of this eterna-matic Sherry..

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