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Thread: Newpasswd please...

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    Newpasswd please...


    Could someone please tell me how to newpasswd my account (T1ck)?

    I have misplaced my IWL password and its only through sheer witchcraft that TapaTalk takes me in here. I can no longer log in via iPad/web and I would like to be able to.


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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    would it not be in your settings something about changing password and they will send it to your email address I think it was ?
    yes go to settings top left corner of the page

    look down the list on the left to the change email/change password and just follow instruction on that page mate

    it just filling in a couple of boxes and you good as gold if I remember right
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    PM sent.

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    Cool, thank you! On the road now, but will check out later.

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    I can post from the iPad, things are right with the world. Thank you once more.

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