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Thread: What watch size for 8.65" wrist?

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    What watch size for 8.65" wrist?


    A friend of mine intends to buy his first (and possibly only) mechanical watch for himself. Naturally, I'm involved as an adviser. But the big guy he is, it's a completely new territory for me when it comes to size: 8.65" wrist circumference and 8cm (3.15") KCM (Kath's cups measurement) *ducks* -- compared to my 6.75" and 6cm (2.35"), respectively.

    Style aside (we all know it's not all about the watch's diameter), what size should we look at first? I'm thinking 42-45mm for fits similar to my 38-40mm? I communicate with him remotely so unless he tries something on and sends me pics, I can't really tell what's fitting. (I'm looking through relevant topics at the other place, but they don't use KCM there.

    Thoughts and pics welcome -- cheers!
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    Wowzers, thatís big. Yes, I would think 44mm minimum. Thereís lots of stuff out there, from less expensive (like H2O and Christopher Ward) to more expensive (Panerai, natch, and some JLC pieces). Tougher for dressier pieces, although Jacquet Droz and Arnold & Son have some big ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodia77 View Post
    I'm thinking 42-45mm for fits similar to my 38-40mm?

    Sounds about right, but it depends what his eyes see. I knew a bloke with wrists almost as big who was happy to wear 35-36mm watches - as well as 42-45mm watches.

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    I had this discussion with someone a while back who was trying to tell me that I should wear smaller watches because a watch should be proportionate to the wearer. I disagree. I have skinny wrists just over 6.5'' around and often wear watches that are subjectively too big for me. Not doing so would severly limit my choices. However, I don't think the reverse is true. I think having a larger wrist means having more choices - I don't think it means having to wear a larger watch. Of course this is just my 2c worth, but it's based on someone I know.

    A retired professor, who was my landlord for several years back in the 1990's, shares my interest in watches. If anything, he fed the madness, always offering me books to read on the subject. A very kind and generous man, he remains my definition of a scholar and a gentleman and I try to see him whenever I visit the town where he retired. He has some lovely vintage pieces, favouring Omega Constellations.

    When I returned from working in the CIS region several years ago, I brought him a Buran-branded Poljot 3133 chronograph as a gift. He immediately took his (I'm guessing) 34mm Omega off and put on the Buran. He only just got it closed around his wrist using the very last hole. He's well over 6ft tall, so it's not immediately obvious, but he has enourmous wrists. He told me that he always needed to fit a longer strap or buy extra links for his watches.

    He looks just fine wearing small vintage pieces (and 38mm Poljot's for that matter) and to be honest - I never noticed his watches looking small. He's really taken with my 44mm JeanRichard, but it still looks big on him, even though he would have to buy a longer strap for it as the JR deployant can't close around his wrist. Within reasonable limits, I think big watches will look big and small watches will look small, no matter the wrist they are on.

    Frankly, I think your friend is sitting in the pound seats with 8'' wrists and can wear whatever he wants. (Though I would try to steer him away from monstrosities promoted by the likes of Schwartzeneger and Rambo, et al.)

    My appologies for the dissenting opinion...
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    No need to apologise, you're making a valid point. I'll encourage him to try something on and show me some pics of what he likes. For me, I think the size came to matter with buying online -- when trying watches on in shops, I don't really need to know the exact dimensions, but when buying online I know that 38-40mm will in 99% of cases be a safe bet.
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    I think H2O is the way to go he can pick his finish and colorways they take any strap with no fuss and gets a quality movement in the process

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    Neither his style, nor his budget I'm afraid.
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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well this comes to mind

    but seriously

    how about a conversion good talking piece watch just don't over pay for one

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    On the budget end of things, he could look at the Komandirskies on Meranom. I had a k34 for a while and liked it quite a bit, although it was too bulky for my 7" wrist (I prefer 40mm and under unless perfectly proprtioned to feel smaller, if above that.). A good thing I remember about the K34 is that the strap was ridiculously long for me. It might be perfect for a giant wrist. The watch at 42mm was large but not cartoonishly large.

    Something like this for example:
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    Funny you guys are suggesting Russians, as he actually liked this Shturmanskie 2609-3725200:

    Name:  2609-3725200-R-01-1500x1500.jpg
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    With a budget of give or take $500, there are plenty of entry Swiss and Japanese options that I think are better than this as first/only watch. My personal faves are Mido and Orient, but in the end I have to remember it's not about what I like -- I think I'm already more excited about this hunt than he is.
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